Pool Chemical Products in Wollongong

As well as providing exceptional service, at Leisure Coast Pool Centre, we provide a wide range of spare parts, equipment and accessories for your pool. Ensuring your pool has clean water is essential to the health of those using it, which is why we stock a range of pool care products in Wollongong. Some of our products on offer include:

  • Davey pool and spa equipment - warranty dealer
  • Pool chemical products

If we don't have the pool part you are looking for in stock, you can bet that we can order it in for you at a great price.

A client enjoying her pool after using pool chemicals in Wollongong

Spare parts and accessories

If your pool filter system has become a bit clogged up it might need a replacement part. Dealing with some manufacturers might mean long waiting times and difficult to locate parts. Luckily, when you deal with our team we have a wide range of spare parts in stock, including filters, salt water chlorinators and more. We also have a great range of accessories such as pool toys and pool covers.

kid enjoying a clean pool

Solar heating

Solar heating is a great way of making use of the endless free energy coming from the skies of Wollongong.

The team at Leisure Coast Pool Centre can set you up with a solar heating system so you can essentially save the excess heat from the summer and use it when you need it in the winter.

This allows you to experience fun pool times all year round!

A happy Wollongong pool care client

Automatic pool cleaners

Pool care is important for the health of the occupants and the life-span of the pool. It's a fact of life that your pool will get dirty as it is exposed to many leaves, dirt and various items that end up in your pool.

By purchasing an automatic pool cleaner, you can sit back while your pool gets a continuous once over, picking up bits of dirt and sticks along the way.

Speak to our team in Wollongong about our range of automatic pool cleaners today.